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Dual Action Orbital Polisher

Dual Action Orbital Polisher
Rather than spin like traditional rotary polishers, the Dual Action Orbital Polisher's heads rotate in an overlapping circular motion. Its movement is almost identical to hand polishing, only much quicker. That unique combination of motion, speed, and just the right weight makes it perfect for deoxidizing, buffing, and glazing paint and metals to a mirror finish.

Equally important, the design eliminates the two main problems that plague rotary polishers: heat build-up that can cause visible burns, gouges, and swirls, and vibration.

Tough ABS insulated handle and case. 

Sealed steel ball bearing and needle bearings. 

Easily serviceable long-life carbon brushes.

Sturdy high-torque motor with integral cooling fan

Well-balanced ergonomic design. 

Helical-cut nylon gears

Hardened steel gear shafts

Twin 3500 orbits per minute hand-action heads.

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