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Sj-150X25 Single Screw Extruder

Sj-150X25 Single Screw Extruder

1. Main technical data               

1.1Screw dia.Φ150mm
1.2Screw L/D ratio25:1

2. Description of main struture
2.1. The main motor and the reduction box adopt the flexible coupling. The plum blossom elastic coupling adopts the German technology. The transmission chain has good rigidity, high transmission precision and good stability of the whole machine.
2.2. The gear of the gear box are used hard tooth grinding process, high precision, smooth transmission, low noise; gear box with gear pump oil cooling
2.3. Screw, barrel material is 38CrMoAlA; screw hardness 850HV, barrel hardness 900HV, nitrided layer thickness of 0.4-0.7mm, nitriding time of not less than 72 hours.
2.4. The screw adopts separate type (BM type) structure. The screw is suitable for extruding PVC, PE and XLPE materials. If the customer needs to extrud the flame retardant cable material, we can provide a special screw for fuel resistance. I have the Secretary for the screw design of professional engineers, customers can tailor the special materials out of the screw, barrel.
2.5. Screw rotating speed:7-65rpm
2.6. Barrel use casting al.heater for heating, and air cooling. Feeding part uses water sleeve for cooling. There are total 10 zones for heating.And the barrel heating for the six districts, each district is 9 kw, heating the total power is 54kw; Coupling head stand and the head have 4 heating zones,heating total power is 5kw.
2.7.Head and barrel connected by coupling structure.
2.8. Motor power
2.8.1.If use Simens AC motor,suggest the power not less than 200kw.
2.8.2. If use Z4 DC motor, suggest the power not less than 185kw.
2.9.There is pressure sensor for neck part of the barrel. Max. pressure range is 70Mpa.
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