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CNC machining parts clamping

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CNC machining refers to the command issued by the control system to make the tool perform various movements that meet the requirements. Precision CNC machining expresses the shape and size of the workpiece in the form of numbers and letters, and precision CNC machining requires processing. CNC machining generally refers to the process of machining parts on CNC machine tools. So what is CNC machining parts clamping? Let's take a look together below.

Here is the content list:

  •  The basic principles of CNC machining positioning and installation

  •  The basic principles of CNC machining to choose fixtures

Precision CNC machinin
customized CNC machining

The basic principles of CNC machining positioning and installation

When processing parts on a precision CNC machining machine tool, the basic principle of precision CNC machining positioning and installation is to choose a reasonable positioning datum and clamping plan. Pay attention to the following points when choosing a plan:

1. Strive to unify the benchmarks of CNC machining design, craftsmanship and programming calculations.

2. Minimize the number of CNC machining clamping times. After positioning and clamping once, try to CNC machining all the surfaces to be processed as much as possible.

3. We must avoid the use of manually adjustable processing schemes for the machine tool, and give full play to the effectiveness of CNC machining.

The basic principles of CNC machining to choose fixtures

The characteristics of precision CNC machining put forward two basic requirements for the fixture: one is to ensure that the coordinate direction of the precision CNC machining fixture is relatively fixed with the coordinate direction of the machine tool. The second is to coordinate the size relationship between the parts and the precision CNC machining machine coordinate system.

In addition, we should also consider the following points:

1. When the batch of CNC machining parts is not large, CNC machining should try to use modular fixtures, adjustable fixtures, and other general fixtures to shorten the production preparation time and save production costs.

2. When CNC machining is mass-produced, only special fixtures for CNC machining are used, and the structure is simple.

3. The loading and unloading of CNC machining parts should be fast, convenient, and reliable to shorten the downtime of CNC machining machine tools.

4. The parts on the CNC machining fixture should not hinder the machining of the surface of the parts by the precision CNC machining machine tool, that is, the fixture should be opened, and the positioning and clamping mechanism components of precision CNC machining should not affect the tool setting (such as collisions, etc.).

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