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Automatic Shelling OCTOPUS

This automatic shelling robot OCTOPUS (9-Axis CNC automatic shelling and automatic gripping & hanging robot) has been researched & developed by our company for several years. And after many years of use in our foundry, the quality is stable and reliable. In 2022, we put OCTOPUS into production and on the market for selling. It is the best choice for investment casting foundries to realize the intelligent and digital transformation in shelling process. 

This OCTOPUS can automatically identify and grip the clusters from the matched carousel (shelling&drying line), and then coat slurry, control slurry and rainfall sand (float sand) for clusters. After that, it will automatically hang the clusters back to the carousel. Matched with our company's equipment of automatic slurry-adding, automatic sand-adding and slurry smoother, the automation of shelling production can be truly realized.
 With the application of OCTOPUS, the shelling production becomes easier than before ever. The operation is simple and easy-to-learn, and maintenance and adjustment is convenient.

Appearance parameters and installation requirements:

NO. Item Parameter
1 Host dimension (length*width*height) 2100*2100*2750 mm
2 Host weight 2200 kg/ 4850 lb
3 Power source Three-phase four-wire, AC380V* + earth wire
Note: It can be adjusted to European Standard, American standard, and others according with International Standard
IEC 60038 Regulations
4 Compressed air source pressure ≥0.55 MPa
5 Total power 12 kW (Energy consumption in use: 6kW)

Comparison sheet of production efficiency and qualification rate for several shelling methods

Shelling line Hand-made shelling line General robot-arm shelling line General robot-arm +robot shelling line Automatic intelligent shelling line
Shelling Method Hand-made shelling & fixed drying rack Manual gripping and hanging & shelling by robot-arm Gripping and hanging by robot & shelling by robot-arm Automatic shelling OCTOPUS
Shelling workshop area 1000 ㎡ 500 ㎡ 600 ㎡ 500 ㎡
Daily production capacity 1000 clusters 1100 clusters 600 clusters 1200 clusters
Each cluster weight 15 kg/33.07 lb 30 kg/66.14 lb 30 kg/66.14 lb 30 kg/66.14 lb
Monthly production capacity 100,000 kg/220462.26 lb 110,000 kg/242508.48 lb 60,000 kg/132277.35 lb 120,000 kg/264554.71 lb
Shelling scrap rate 15% 5% 3% 3%
Shelling staff numbers 12 persons 8 persons 2 persons + 4 robots 2 persons


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