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Characteristics and Application of China Steel Forging Processing

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The essence of metal steel forging processing is the ability to use metal and its ability to produce plastic deformation. With tools or molds, the blank is formed, and the blank is formed, which has a certain shape, size, internal tissue, and Mechanical performance that meets a machining method of mechanical parts or blanks. Compared with the metal casting, welding, cutting method, China Steel Forgings has the following characteristics.

Here is the content list:

  •  China's Steel forgings, performance improvement

  •  High utilization is high

  •  High dimensional precision

  •  Steel forgive forging process flexible

Steel Forging Processing

China's Steel forgings, performance improvement

After the forging processing, the internal tissue has a significant change, such as the steel ingot produced by steelmaking, there is often loose, crystal grain, uneven, component segregation, etc., after forging and other pressure processing Get a forging, internal dense, crushing coarse dendrites, fine grains, and improve segregation. The blank is formed by forging formation, the shape, the dimensional stability, the fiber structure is reasonable, tissue refined, improve the second phase distribution, the plasticity of the forgings, impact toughness, fatigue performance, etc., and forgings and The performance variation between the forgings are small.

High utilization is high

China Steel Forging Processing is to achieve molding in a plastic state by volume, obtaining a certain shape size forging, without cutting, only a small amount of process waste, high utilization is high.

High dimensional precision

The workpiece obtained by metal steel forging can reach high dimensional accuracy, and the amount of Steel forgings is small, and many forged methods have reached less or no reductions. For example, precision-forged umbrella gears, the accuracy of its toothed portion can be used directly without cutting, and the complex curved surface of the precision-forged blades can reach only the precision of grinding.

Steel forgive forging process flexible

It can be produced in one piece, but also high-volume production, high productivity is free forging, forging a batch of forging production, current freely forging is a major forging method for large forgings. For die forging, due to the continuous development and mechanization of forging processing equipment, the degree of automation is improved, and the die forging has high production efficiency, which is suitable for mass production. Such as the six-turn crankshaft used in the 120000KN thermogram is only 40s; the number of high-speed punched machines in the forging process has reached 1500-1800 times/min; forging M5MM screws, production on the planetary silk machine The efficiency is as high as 12,000 pieces/min.

Since the above characteristics of China’s steel forging processing, steel forgiving forging processing has been widely used in the production of parts of various industrial sectors. As in the machine parts, the weight of the forgings accounts for 60%, and 60% -70% in the automotive parts are processed by forging, accounting for 80% weight, and the forging and sheet forming parts in the aircraft manufacturing industry account for 80%, such as A380 civil aviation passenger aircraft. The landing gear is formed, and it is necessary to perform forging on a 7500,000KN press. Rotors, guard rings and steam turbine shafts of large generators in power industry are all forgings, and parts such as rollers and dies in the metallurgical industry can be forged. Forgings account for 80% of weapons transmission parts in weapons industry, such as tanks and aero-engine parts. At present, the advancement of the size and equipment and process of forging production capacity has become one of the important marks of a national industrial level.

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