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China steel forgings heat isothermal forging process normalizing points

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Quenching of steel forgings after molding, when a temperature above a certain temperature, quenched into a suitable quench medium, process for martensite or bainite structure. So, you understand the temperature normalizing process points steel forgings forging process waste heat and so it.

Here is the content list:

  •  After forging steel forgings temperature control

  •  Quench cooling speed control

  •  After quenching isothermal temperature control

  •  Select isothermal temperature

  •  Determining isothermal holding time etc.


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After forging steel forgings temperature control

Direct quench may be employed manner after molding temperature must be steel forgings (hypo-eutectoid steel) above, when the forging temperature fluctuations small parts (forging heating and forging process capable of continuous and stable control) when; when the part after forging temperature fluctuations when large changes in cross-section or steel forgings, equalizing process must be increased.  After entering the isothermal forging steel forgings for a period of isothermal heat treatment furnace, steel forging temperature before quenching uniform, which will cause rapid cooling after forging large temperature difference, generation of abnormal tissue (granular bainite or bainite).

Quench cooling speed control

Quenching is the key process temperature normalizing steel forgings heat, etc., the quenching step requires steel forgings sufficient cooling rate, its air volume, wind speed, air temperature, and wind direction can adjust and control, ensure that the steel forgings rapid cooling while cooling the front of the same forging temperature and forging the same batch uniform (or similar). Quenching object is to reduce the amount of ferrite or suppress generation of pro-eutectoid ferrite eutectoid by flash cooling, too much ferrite can result in low isothermal normalizing after forging steel hardness. Must be controlled quenching speed, rapid quenching speed is generated in the forging Widmanstaten tissue. Usually, quenching speed control 30 ℃ / min-42 ℃ / min.

After quenching isothermal temperature control

After quenching the steel forgings must ensure that the pearlite transformation temperature region is not lower than the bainite transformation start temperature. The temperature's, otherwise it will cause bainite (or granular bainite) Organization occurred; the same time, such as after quenching isothermal temperature will cause an increase in pro-eutectoid ferrite volume following tissue pearlite lamellar spacing becomes great, resulting in low hardness steel forgings. Temperature after quenching temperature steel forgings grave general control over the temperature of the material 50 ℃? 100 ℃, steel forgings temperature infrared thermometer provided by the production line or handheld infrared thermometer measurements.

Select isothermal temperature

The firing temperature Ga hardness of steel forgings directly influences the isothermal temperature and the like, and other high gentle low hardness, and other low isothermal temperature, the hardness is high. Isothermal forging temperature is usually steel material, the temperature above 50 ℃- 100 ℃, specific test temperature should be determined depending on steel by forging material, shape, and size, and to be adjusted according to the hardness after normalizing isothermal forging.

Determining isothermal holding time etc.

Isothermal normalizing process, pearlite transformation occurs in the isothermal process, and therefore must have sufficient holding time to ensure the completion of the pearlite transformation, the isothermal such time is too short will cause the supercooled austenite into pearlite is not all, in the subsequent bainite transformation during cooling, resulting in an isothermal forging treatment of high hardness steel and tissue failure. Isothermal time may be preliminarily determined according to the isothermal transformation curve of the material, and adjust according to the test conditions.

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