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Fine-grain casting and short process of cast iron casting process

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The cast iron casting process is a casting method that uses raw sand with certain properties as the main modeling material. The Cast iron casting process is a technology and method for producing castings by applying relevant casting theory and system knowledge. Cast iron casting process includes casting process, casting system, feeding system, vent, chilling system, special casting process, etc. So what is the fine-grain casting and short process of cast iron casting process? Let's take a look together below.

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Fine-grain casting

Short process

Fine-grain casting

The principle of the fine-grain casting technology or process (FGCP) of the cast iron casting process is to strengthen the nucleation mechanism of the alloy by controlling the ordinary investment casting process so that the alloy forms a large number of nucleation processes during the cast iron casting process and prevents the crystal Grain growth. A uniform, fine, and isotropic isometric iron casting with an average grain size of less than 1.6μm is obtained. The fine-grain castings of the cast iron casting process not only refine the grains of cast iron castings, but also reduce the corresponding sizes of primary carbides and strengthening superalloys, and improve the morphology. Therefore, the outstanding advantage of the fine-grained iron casting of cast iron casting process is to greatly improve the low-cycle fatigue life of cast iron parts under the conditions of medium and low temperature (≤760℃) and significantly reduce the dispersion. The mechanical performance of iron casting improves the design tolerance of iron casting. At the same time, the cast iron casting process also improves the tensile performance and durability of iron casting to a certain extent, so that iron casting has good heat treatment performance.

The fine-grain casting technology of the cast iron casting process can also improve the machining performance of superalloy iron casting and reduce the potential danger of machining cracks in screw holes and sharp edges of blades. Therefore, this technology can expand the application range of investment mold iron casting to the original use of forgings, thick plate machined parts, and forging-casting assemblies. In the precision casting production of aero-engine parts, it is common to use fine-grained castings to replace some forgings or to use cast iron casting process fine-grained ingots to make forging billets.

Short process

The "short process" of the cast iron casting process is to directly inject molten blast furnace iron into the electric furnace to heat up and adjust the composition, and iron casting after modification treatment, eliminating the need for the process of remelting pig iron ingots into molten iron. This energy-saving, high-efficiency, and cost-reducing casting production method are one of the optimized technologies promoted by the Foundry Association.

The "short process" process of cast iron casting process has been well applied in many provinces. Among the 72 pilot enterprises of national high-quality cast iron bases announced not long ago, the companies that adopted the "short process" of cast iron casting process reached 12 homes. It has played a very important role in strengthening the construction of foundry pig iron bases and optimizing the development of foundry industry clusters and will promote the foundry industry to a higher level.

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