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How to clean the slewing bearing?

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Slewing bearings are so widely used in practical industry that they are often referred to by us as the joints of the machine. The majority of newly purchased bearings are coated with grease. These greases are mainly used to prevent the bearings from rusting and do not play a lubricating role, so they must be thoroughly cleaned before they can be installed and used. So do you know how to clean slewing bearings?


 clean the slewing bearing

 Here is the content list:

•Soft dry oil or anti-rust paste cleaning

•Cleaning with Ultrasonic cleaning

•Precautions forbearing use


Soft dry oil or anti-rust paste cleaning

Large slewing bearings with soft dry oil or anti-rust paste hardened should be dipped in hot engine oil at 100℃~200℃, clamp the slewing bearings with pliers, and use a brush to brush the oil on the bearings clean. The soft dry oil or anti-rust paste is heated to 100℃~200℃ and melts, which can be easily flushed out from the gap of the bearing. Sometimes just by shaking the bearing inside the oil many times, the oil will also flow away from the gap. In the cleaning of the slewing bearing of the radial spherical bearing, it should be the ball, bead frame, inner ring from the outer ring in the lateral turn out before dipping into the hot oil, short cylindrical roller bearing cleaning should also be the roller, bead frame, the inner ring, and outer ring off. In the cleaning with hot oil, the temperature of the oil should not exceed 20 ℃.


Cleaning with Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is a new cleaning technology that emerged in the 20th century, ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly the uses ultrasonic cavitation effect in the cleaning medium, the adhesion of the bearing surface stripped. At the same time, ultrasound has a strong penetrating force, will be deep holes, blind holes, grooves, and other cleaning methods inaccessible parts of the stain stripped out, to play general mechanical manual cleaning methods to achieve the cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaning machines can meet the slewing bearing, especially the large slewing bearing high-precision cleaning requirements, to ensure the quality of the bearing, to ensure the reliability and safety of mechanical equipment operation.


Precautions forbearing use

Slewing bearing clearance should be appropriate, too big will produce shock, too small will be poor lubrication and may burn the tile. Slewing bearing and journal surface quality and geometry should be strictly guaranteed. We should improve the quality of lubrication (bearings must use fuel and lubricant in accordance with the regulations), control the pressure, temperature, and flow of oil, and strengthen oil filtration. In order to make the bearings give full play to and maintain their proper performance for a long time, regular maintenance (regular inspection) must be done effectively. Through proper regular inspection, we can find faults early and prevent accidents before they happen. This is very important to improve productivity and the economy.


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