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How to make slewing bearings

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Slewing bearing appears from industry has nearly 40 years, its application range is more and more extensive. Slewing bearings are technically demanding, especially large slewing bearings with tedious processing procedures. Do you know how to make slewing bearings?


Here is the content list:

•Components of Slewing Bearings

•Multi-process processing

•Materials for making slewing bearings


Excavator Slewing Ring

Components of Slewing Bearings

Slewing bearing composition includes outer ring, inner ring, and roller, said outer ring and inner ring combined to form a roller cavity for roller rolling, said roller is set on both sides of the seal ring, said two seal ring combination to form a seal on the roller cavity. The spherical bearing is characterized in that it has a guide groove along the radial direction on the sidewall of the inner ring for guiding the flow of accumulated water, and slewing bearing guide groove is set at an inclined shape, and the guide groove is set at a gradual depth from one end near the outer ring to the end of the inner ring.


Multi-process processing

Each part of the slewing bearing  has high processing technology requirements, such as scale accuracy, cooperation accuracy, heat treatment hardness, etc., and there are many production processes. General production requires 20 to 40 processes and more than 70 processes. The majority of the surface of each part of the slewing bearing  has to be ground, and the grinding scale and geometric accuracy are in micron, especially for the raceway of the collar and the tumbling body, which are more accurate and require super-finishing or grinding. The working surface of each part of the rotary bearing is a rotary forming surface, which is suitable for processing by forming method.


Materials for making slewing bearings

Large slewing bearings are subjected to many cold and hot machining processes in production. To meet the requirements of high effectiveness and high quality, bearing steel should have good processing properties. For example, cold and hot forming properties, cutting properties, hardenability, etc. In addition to the above basic requirements, bearing steel should also have the appropriate chemical composition, average external organization, less non-metallic admixtures, meet the specifications of the external appearance of shortcomings and external decarburization layer does not exceed the rule concentration and other requirements. In order to avoid the erosion and rust of slewing bearings and finished products in the process of processing, sending, and use, slewing bearing steel should have good rust resistance.


With the development of slewing bearing work, users of slewing bearing product's precision, function, life, and variety of diversification requirements will continue to advance, has not been satisfied with the now widely used general-purpose products, turning to the high precision, low noise, long life of the product. In this background, our company increases the training of talents and product science and technology innovation and strives to produce products that satisfy customers. JOC MACHINERY CO., LTD. has many tests of slewing bearing, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need slewing bearing, you can consider our cost-effective products. JOC MACHINERY CO., LTD. materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries. 



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