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Piston ring of tractor parts

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We know that the piston rings of tractor parts include gas rings and oil rings. The piston ring of tractor parts is very important to the operation of the tractor, so let us take a look at the piston ring of tractor parts together.

The following is a list of contents:

Air ring of tractor parts

Oil ring of tractor parts

Air ring of tractor parts

The function of the air ring of tractor parts is to ensure the seal between the piston and the cylinder wall to prevent high-temperature and high-pressure gas from entering the crankcase; at the same time, most of the heat at the top of the piston of the tractor parts is transferred to the cylinder and then taken away by cooling water or air.

The piston ring of tractor parts is affected by the high temperature and high pressure of the gas in the cylinder when it is working. Its temperature is high, and it moves at a high speed in the cylinder. In addition, the high temperature of the engine oil deteriorates, the lubrication condition deteriorates, and its wear is serious. After the piston ring wears and fails, the engine will have difficulty in starting, insufficient power, increased crankcase pressure, large oil loss, black smoke from the exhaust, and serious carbon in the area of ​​the piston side of the tractor parts.

Due to the uneven wear of the cylinder of the tractor parts, it becomes tapered and elliptical. The piston reciprocates in it, producing a shrinking movement along the neck, which makes the ring easy to break due to bending stress, causing the tractor parts to break. The engine is stuck, the cylinder is pulled, and the engine does not work.

The piston rings of tractor parts are generally cast with alloy cast iron. The working surface of the first gas ring is generally plated with porous chromium. (Porous chromium has high hardness and can store a small amount of oil). Other general tin plating or phosphating can improve the running-in performance.

There is a notch on the piston ring of tractor parts, and the free state is not round, and its size is larger than the inner diameter of the cylinder. Therefore, after it is installed in the cylinder together with the piston, it generates elastic force and adheres to the cylinder wall, so that the gas cannot pass through the ring and the clearance of the contact surface of the cylinder wall. The incision is generally 0.25-0.8mm.

Oil ring of tractor parts

The oil ring of tractor parts is mainly used for oil scraping, oil distribution, and auxiliary sealing. The oil ring of tractor parts is used to scrape the excess oil on the cylinder wall and spread a uniform oil film on the cylinder wall, which can prevent the oil from running in and reduce the wear and tear of the piston and cylinder of the Farmall tractor parts. Friction resistance.

Farmall tractor parts oil ring is divided into ordinary oil ring and combined oil ring. Farmall tractor parts' ordinary oil ring is generally made of cast iron, with a groove cut in the middle of its outer circle, and many oil drain holes are machined at the bottom of the groove. Farmall tractor parts combined oil ring is composed of oil scraper and two elastic lining rings. The axial liner ring is clamped between the second and third oil scrapers.

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