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Precision steel forgings process manufacturing process

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Precision cast steel forgings are currently a relatively common casting process in cast steel casting manufacturers, but current development has no cast iron parts and cast steel parts, but precision steel forgings can be used to obtain relative table accurate shape and relatively high Casting accuracy. For precision steel forgings, it is necessary to design product molds according to drawings, and precision casting and cast steel pieces are different. The steel parts should be retained for processing, but precision casting can be retained. Casting is used in a casting method, obtaining the original wax mold, and then repeats the coating and the sandstone step on the wax mold, and then the internal wax mold is melted after drying, and this step is dewaxing, thereby obtaining Cavity; sufficient strength and gas permeability of the goods after the roasting shell, and then cast the required metal liquid in the cavity, etc. After cooling, the shell is removed, thereby obtaining high-precision finished products. We will then heat treatment or cold processing according to the needs of the product.

Here is the content list:

Make mould

Refined wax

Sketch silicone

Natural air dry

Shot of the second sand

Sandblast requirements

Make mould

It is necessary to start the steel forgings mold according to the requirements on the user's drawing, and the mold is divided into a concession molding, and the pit shape of the steel forgive tool is consistent with the semi-shapes of the steel forgive die by milling, cars, planer, and the like. Because wax mold is generally used for industrial wax pressure type, we need to choose hardness, low requirements, cheap, weight slightly slight, melting, high-aluminum alloy material as a mold.

After choosing the aluminum alloy material, we can use this aluminum alloy to produce a large number of industrial wax solid models. Under normal circumstances, industrial wax heart steel forgings can only have a blank product.

Refined wax

When the wax mold is made, it is necessary to modify the balance around the wax mold. After removing excessive things, you must talk about a single wax mold sticking on a mold in advance.

Sketch silicone

Apply our highly adhesive molded die and uniformly spray the first layer of refractory high temperature-resistant silica sand. These kinds of sand particles are very small, ensuring that the final blank is smooth.

Natural air dry

Then put the wax mold in our factory temperature, the natural air-dried, but it is impossible to affect the shape of the internal wax mold, the natural single wind dry time depends on the internal complexity of the mold, the general words of the first air-dried time is 5 - 8 hours.

Shot of the second sand

When the wax mold wind is dry, it is necessary to continue on the surface of the wax mold, and in the second layer of sand, the second layer of sand is larger than the first layer of sand particles, thick. After touching the second sand, the first floor is the first layer.

Sandblast requirements

When the sand natural air is dried after the second layer, the third layer, the fourth layer, the fifth layer blasting, etc. are continued. Sandblast requirements: We must adjust the corresponding sandblasting number according to the surface requirements of the product. In general, the number of shots will be around 3-7 times. Each shot is different, and the sand of each process is not the same as the top, and the length of the wind is different. Generally, a complete wax mold maybe around 3 to 4 days.

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