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Process introduction and selection of aluminum casting

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Aluminum casting refers to equipment and devices of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy obtained by casting processing methods. Generally, a sand mold or a metal mold is used to pour the heated liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy into the mold cavity, and the aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts of various shapes and sizes obtained are usually called quality aluminum casting. Next, let's take a look at the process introduction and selection of aluminum casting. Here are some answers.

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What process does aluminum casting need?

Reasonable choice of the aluminum casting process.

What process does aluminum casting need?

Generally, single-piece and small-batch aluminum casting is refurbished and then polished. High-volume aluminum casting can be used for metal upper and lower molds, pressing, and one-time forming. Casting is a kind of metal thermal processing technology that humans have mastered relatively early. The liquid metal is poured into a casting cavity that matches the shape of the part, and after it is cooled and solidified, the part or blank is obtained. Most of the cast materials are aluminum parts that are originally solid but heated to a liquid state.

Reasonable choice of the aluminum casting process.

Aluminum is a material that is closely connected with our life and production inevitably and can be seen everywhere in life, which is closely related to daily life and production. Among the casting alloys, aluminum is the most widely used, and it also has the incomparable characteristics of other alloys. The different physical and chemical properties exhibited by the alloy are different, and there are also different crystallization processes. According to the characteristics of different aluminum, a reasonable choice of aluminum casting method can better reduce the defects generated from the casting process. The performance of the aluminum casting process can be decomposed into a variety of different aluminum, because of its different parts, so that they have certain characteristics are different. On the other hand, the heating temperature of the alloy, the complexity of the process, and the casting artificial factors will bring about differences in the characteristics of aluminum. The main feature of aluminum is the absorption of gas, which is due to the absorption of water in the gas produced by the chemical reaction of the composition of aluminum and other combustion products by the aluminum obtained in the liquid. On the other hand, aluminum casting and sand casting processes can be divided into two types of metal casting.

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