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Steel forgings Production Process

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Steel forgings are a syndrome of forging and stamping, is a hammer, anvil, punch or pressure on the blank, or a plastic deformation, resulting in plastic deformation, or the forming of the desired shape and size. processing methods. Believes that Steel forgings are metallic to be formed by forging after solid-state heating. It requires good thermoplastic (also called forging), and general forgings are steel, which is high, good plastic, suitable for manufacturing, and high-quality components. Such as bolts, axles, gears, etc.

The cast metal is formed in a liquid cast to the mold. It requires good fluidity and filling resistance, etc. (also known as castability), and is divided into cast steel and cast iron in steel castings. The amount of steel organized parts is higher than steel, and its strength is lower than steel, and plastics Poor, generally suitable for parts that are not large, such as machine beds, low-pressure valve seats, etc. Steel forgings are high, used to make shapes of complicated shapes, such as chair rail, high-pressure valve seat, and the like.

Here is the content list:

Material calculation and blanking


Industries should be heated

Steel forgive molding

Quality analysis of Steel forgings

Material calculation and blanking

Material calculation and blanking is one of the important links to improve material utilization and realize blank refinement. Excessive materials not only cause waste but also aggravate wear and energy consumption. If the following materials do not leave the margin, the difficulty of process adjustment will increase the waste rate. In addition, the quality of the end surface of the following also has an impact on the quality of process and forgings.


The purpose of heating is to reduce forging deformation power and improve metal plasticity. But healing also brings a series of problems, such as oxidation, decarburization, overheating, and overburden. Accurate control of starting and final forging temperature, great impact on product organization and performance.

Industries should be heated

Flame heating has the advantages of low cost and strong applicability, but the length of heating is long, and it is easy to produce oxidation and deprophydric, and labor conditions need to be continuously improved. Inductance should be heated to have rapid heating, and the adaptability is poor on the size of the product shape and material changes.

Steel forgive molding

Forging is generated under external force, therefore, correctly calculates the deformation force, which is the basis for selecting the equipment, and performing the mold school. Stress-strain analysis inside the deformation is also indispensable for optimizing the process and controlling ergogenic performance.

Quality analysis of Steel forgings

Therefore, forgive quality analysis work can generally be divided into the on-site investigation phase, experimental research analysis stage, propose solutions, and prevention of countermeasures. Before implementing the work of these stages, it can make an implementation plan, including the work, work procedures, and completion time to do in these three phases. This embodiment can be appropriately supplemented and modified during the implementation process. The development of an implementation is an important part of analyzing the quality of large complex forgings and quality of use.

At the on-site survey phase, the material grades, chemical composition, material specifications, materials guarantees used in the forgings are mainly investigated, and the results of various physical and chemical tests and process performance tests of enterprising, and even check smented and processing process of the raw materials. At the same time, the process of forging should also be investigated, including the gas, specifications, sheet processes, forge heating and finishing forging forgings, forging temperature, forging equipment, heating equipment, heating processes, forging operation, Forged cooling mode, the process of preparation of heat treatment, and the like. To investigate the operator's situation and environmental conditions and the original record of the process. The process of the subsequent process should also be investigated for the forgings of the forgings in a subsequent process and use.

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