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The development trend of investment casting

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Investment casting is a casting process with little or no cutting, also known as lost wax casting. In the past, because the castings produced by the investment casting process are higher in dimensional accuracy and casting surface quality than other casting methods, and casting method can complete some highly complex and difficult casting production and processing, so it is favored by enterprises.

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The development history

Domestic advantage

The overseas market

The development history

During the tenth five-year plan period, the main economic indicators averaged an annual growth rate of more than 30% for the foundry machinery industry, higher than the average growth level of machine tools for the entire casting industry. In particular, the faster the profit growth, the average annual profit growth as high as 46%, but also maintain a high level of market sales. In addition, complete sets of resin sand casting equipment can meet the needs of the domestic market, changing the past mainly to rely on imports. And it has been able to produce a higher level of automatic casting production line, can partially replace the import level, partly solve the car engine cylinder block, cylinder head and other casting blanks also have to import the situation. High-level automatic core making machine, automatic casting cleaning machine, automatic sand processing machine, large automatic die casting machine and precision casting equipment, and other casting machinery, basically can be produced in China.

Domestic advantage

Information technology is very important for the development of all walks of life, especially for the development of the die casting mold industry. Only by developing and making good use of information resources and making production and operation activities timely processing, smooth circulation, and high quality and efficient operation of information, can the industry develop better and faster. There are already a large number of investment casting companies in China, and the number is increasing all the time.

From the national macro policy, industry development, international and domestic market capacity, the international and domestic market of large precision and complex investment casting molds and die casting molds is very large. China's investment in casting mold materials, excellent production, high dimensional accuracy, in line with customer standards, service life, and casting quality has reached the international advanced level. At the same time, it has an obvious price advantage.

The overseas market

China's export of investment casting molds is concentrated in Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea, and other places. Some of the export mold volumes have accounted for more than 30% of the total output value. Investment in large precision mold projects has a theoretical and practical basis. In order not to be blind, it is possible to obtain better returns. Due to the advantages of strong price advantage, advanced design, exquisite production, and so on, the auto oil chassis die casting molds manufactured by investment casting plants in China have been recognized by foreign investors and placed additional orders again and again. It can be seen that the overseas market of China's casting mold industry is developing at a rapid pace and will rise step by step in the future.

Casting is one of the basic techniques of the modern machinery manufacturing industry, so the development of the casting industry marks the production strength of a country. Our country has become one of the great foundry machinery countries in the world and has made great achievements in the foundry machinery manufacturing industry.



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