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The related introduction of aluminum casting

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The aluminum materials and aluminum alloys used in aluminum casting have good fluidity and plasticity, so various complicated aluminum castings can be made. Castings made of aluminum alloy and metal aluminum have high precision and surface finish, which greatly reduces the amount of machining of the castings, greatly reduces labor intensity and saves electricity and metal materials at the same time. Next, let's take a look at the related introduction of aluminum casting. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

Introduction of modern aluminum casting molding technology.

Aluminum casting process and preparation of casting molds.

The operation method of the aluminum casting process.

Introduction of modern aluminum casting molding technology.

Complex aluminum casting is a new technology that takes electromagnetic pump low-pressure casting technology as the core, aluminum smelting, and molding compound purification technology and the core of the manufacturing industry, and produces quality aluminum casting modern technology. The electromagnetic pump low-pressure casting metal melt transmission system has a stable flow, convenient flow control, alleviating the backward section of the molten alumina in the process, and the advantages of easy realization are the automation of the use process. This not only improves the casting quality of aluminum casting, but also improves the working environment, reduces labor intensity, and realizes automation and modern casting production.

Aluminum casting process and preparation of casting molds.

The aluminum casting process can be divided into three basic parts, namely, casting metal preparation, casting mold preparation, and casting processing. Cast metal refers to the metal material used for casting in casting production. It is an alloy composed of a metallic element and other metallic or non-metallic elements. It is usually called casting alloy, mainly including cast iron, cast steel, and cast non-ferrous alloy.

Casting molds can be divided into sand molds, metal molds, ceramic molds, clay molds, graphite molds, and so on. According to the materials used, they can be divided into disposable molds, semi-permanent molds, and permanent molds according to the number of uses. The preparation quality of the casting mold is the main factor that affects whether aluminum casting is a quality aluminum casting.

The operation method of the aluminum casting process.

Aluminum casting is an aluminum casting process in which molten aluminum liquid is poured into a casting mold, and then cooled and solidified to obtain the required shape and performance. Casting is a commonly used manufacturing method for aluminum casting. It has low manufacturing costs and great process flexibility. It can obtain complex shapes and large castings. It occupies a large proportion in mechanical manufacturing. For example, machine tools account for 60 to 80%, and automobiles account for 25%. Tractors account for 50-60%. Due to the increasing requirements for casting quality, casting accuracy, casting cost, and casting automation, casting technology is developing towards precision, large-scale, high-quality, automation, and cleanliness. The rapid development of casting technology, special casting technology, casting automation, and casting molding simulation technology.

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