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The technological process of aluminum casting

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Aluminum casting has excellent mechanical and physical properties. Aluminum casting can have a variety of different strengths, hardness, toughness, and comprehensive properties, and can also have a variety of special properties, such as wear resistance, high temperature and low-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. So what is the technological process and steps of aluminum casting? Here are some answers.

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What are the technological processes and steps of aluminum casting?

Be cautious in the casting production process of aluminum casting.

What are the technological processes and steps of aluminum casting?

The aluminum casting process has eight major steps: first, raw material preparation, including raw material appearance inspection, chemical composition analysis, batching and weighing various raw materials according to the calculation results of the batching. In addition, it also includes the drying and weighing of refining agents and modifiers. Second, smelting: the raw materials are added to the furnace according to the predetermined feeding sequence, and they are melted into an alloy with uniform chemical composition. Third, the pre-furnace test: after the alloy is evenly melted, take a sample and test to check whether the various chemical components meet the technical standard requirements. Fourth, adjust the composition: after laboratory tests, if one or more chemical compositions in the alloy are found to exceed the technical standards, adjustments must be made to make the chemical composition meet the technical standards. Fifth, refining: after the chemical composition requirements are compounded, a refining agent should be used to remove the dissolved gas and entrained solid particles in the alloy. Sixth, refinement, and deterioration: add the appropriate amount of refiner and modifier to the aluminum alloy liquid to improve the mechanical properties and machining performance of the alloy. Seventh, casting: the aluminum alloy with qualified chemical composition, good deterioration, and gas content, and slag content meeting the requirements is cast into ingots and bundled into bales. Eighth, inspection and storage: after inspection, aluminum alloy ingots that are qualified in chemical composition, gas content, inclusions, spoiled fruit, mechanical properties, and appearance are placed in storage as qualified products.

Be cautious in the casting production process of aluminum casting.

The application of aluminum casting is very extensive, so it has a great impact on the performance of mechanical products, and the quality of the surface will also affect the working rate of various systems, and even directly affect the working life of the entire mechanical equipment. Therefore, we should be cautious in the aluminum casting production process to avoid problems with the quality of the entire product due to individual errors. It is necessary to ensure the orderly and normal operation of the production process and ensure product quality and quantity.

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