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What are the valve parts of the valve

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Valves are pipeline accessories used to open and close pipelines, control flow, adjust and control the parameters (temperature, pressure, flow) of the conveying medium. According to the function of the valve, it can be divided into stop valve, check valve, regulating valve, and so on. So what are the valve parts of the valve? Let's take a look together below.

Here is the content list:

Valve body

Valve bonnet

Valve trim

Valve body

The valve body, sometimes called the housing, is the main boundary of the pressure valve. It is the main component of valve parts because it is the frame that fixes all valve parts together. The valve body is the first pressure boundary of the valve, which can resist the fluid pressure load of the connecting pipe. It receives inlet and outlet pipes through threads, bolts, or welded joints. The end of the valve body is designed to connect the valve parts to the pipeline or equipment nozzle through different types of end connections. The valve body is cast or forged in various forms, and each part has a specific function and is suitable for that function. The material structure.

Valve bonnet

The cover of the valve body opening is the engine cover, which is the second important boundary of the pressure valve. Like the valve body, valve parts have many designs and models to choose from.

The valve cover is used as the cover on the valve body, which is cast or forged from the same material as the valve body. It is usually connected to the main body by threads, bolts, or welded joints. In the process of manufacturing the valve, but the internal parts of the valve parts into the valve body, and then connect the valve parts bonnet to keep all the parts together.

In all cases, the connection of the hood to the body is considered a pressure boundary. This means that the welded joints or bolts that connect the valve cover to the valve body are pressure-holding parts. Although the valve bonnet is a necessity for most valves, it has attracted people's attention. Valve parts bonnets may complicate the manufacture of the valve, increase the valve size, represent a significant cost part of the valve cost, and be a source of potential leakage.

Valve trim

The detachable and replaceable valve internal parts in contact with the flowing medium are collectively referred to as valve parts. These components include valve seats, discs, glands, gaskets, guide rails, bushings, and internal springs. The valve body, bonnet, packing, etc. are also in contact with the flowing medium and are not considered as valve parts. The adjustment performance of the valve depends on the disk and valve seat interface and the relationship between the disk position and the valve seat. Due to the decoration, basic movement and flow control are possible. In the decorative design of the rotating movement of gate valve parts, the disc slides tightly across the seat to produce a change in the flow opening. In the linear motion decorative design of gate valve parts, the plate rises vertically away from the seat, resulting in an annular hole.

Valve parts can be made of various materials because different characteristics are needed to withstand different forces and conditions. Bushings and packing glands will not be subjected to the same forces and conditions as valve parts discs and valve parts seats.

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