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What is the connection method of valve parts?

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The emergence of valves has provided many conveniences for our production and life. Valve parts have many connection methods, so what are the connection methods of valve parts? Let's take a look together next.

Here is the content list:

  • Milan connection

  • Threaded connection

  • Card sleeve connection

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Milan connection

This is the most commonly used connection form in valve parts.

1. Smooth type: Valve parts are used for valves with low pressure and are more convenient to process.

2. Concave-convex type: High working pressure, medium-hard valve parts washers can be used.

3. Tongue and groove type: Valve parts gaskets with larger plastic deformation can be used, which are widely used in corrosive media, and the valve parts have a better sealing effect.

4. Trapezoidal groove type: Oval metal rings are used as valve parts gaskets, which are used for valves with working pressure ≥64 kg/cm², or high-temperature valves.

5. Lens type: The valve parts washer is in the shape of a lens and is made of metal.

6. O-ring type: This is a relatively new type of flange connection. It is developed with the appearance of various rubber O-rings. Valve parts are in the form of sealing effect connection.

Threaded connection

The threaded connection is a simple connection method, often used for small valves. There are two situations:

1. Direct sealing: The internal and external threads of valve parts directly play a sealing role. To ensure that the joints do not leak, valve parts are often filled with lead oil, hemp, and PTFE tape; among them, PTFE tape is widely used every day; this material has good corrosion resistance, valve the parts have an excellent sealing effect and are easy to use and store. When disassembling, they can be completely removed because it is a non-sticky film, which is much better than lead oil and hemp.

2. Indirect sealing: The tightening force of the valve parts thread is transmitted to the gasket between the two planes so that the valve parts gasket plays a sealing role.

Card sleeve connection

The ferrule connection of valve parts, its connection, and sealing principle is that when the valve parts are tightened, the ferrule is compressed so that the valve parts blade bites the outer wall of the pipe, and the outer cone of the gate valve parts ferrule contacts the joint body under pressure. . The tapered surfaces of the gate valve parts are in close contact, so leakage can be reliably prevented.

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