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What is the way to use and maintain the slewing bearing

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Slewing bearing is also called rotary bearing, some people also call it: rotary bearing, spherical bearing. Slewing bearing in the use of not only should pay attention to the operation of the situation and the failure problem, but the operation of the maintenance problem should also pay attention to, only good maintenance, then in use can run more smoothly, faster and better efficiency. Then in the use of the operation of how should be maintained?

Here is the content list:

Regular use of lubricants

Regular inspection

Regular use of lubricants

The slewing bearing should be re-filled with new grease according to different working conditions when it is activated. Slewing bearing should be greased regularly, according to different types of slewing bearing, specific grease filling time as follows: ball type grease filling every 100 hours of operation; roller type grease filling every 50 hours of operation. If in the tropical, high temperature, dusty, the temperature in and continuous work, should shorten the grease refilling cycle, should ensure that every 50 hours of work refilling. Gears should be guaranteed to apply detergent once every 150 hours of work when working normally and should be applied once every 75 hours of work when working strenuously, note that the teeth must be wiped clean before applying detergent. The large slewing bearing must also be refilled with new grease before and after the long-term stagnant operation, and each filling of grease must fill the raceway until it overflows from the sealing device, when filling the grease, slowly transfer the slewing bearing, so that the grease is filled evenly in the raceway.

Regular inspection

Since the installation of the slewing bearing, after 100 hours of operation, we should check the preload of the bolts, and after that, we should check every 500 hours of operation, and must maintain sufficient preload. After the equipment has worked for 2000 hours in total, if a bolt is found to be loose to less than 80% of the specified torque, the bolt and the two adjacent bolts are replaced with new ones; if 20% of the bolts are found to be loose to less than 80% of the specified torque, all the bolts are replaced with new ones. After the accumulated work of the equipment reaches 14000 hours, all the bolts will be replaced with new ones. In use to pay close attention to the operation of the slewing bearing, such as when the power suddenly increased, we should immediately stop and check until all faults are eliminated, if necessary, we need to disassemble and check.

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